What can we do for you?

With all the sensational claims out there lately it’s incredibly difficult to discern the truth from the exaggerations and figure out what kind of practitioner is appropriate for your concerns. This is guide to help you understand what our products and home care are capable of.

When it comes to lines, wrinkles and sagging the adherence to a good home care regime which includes active Vitamin C and A can certainly help to rebuild the skin, which will in turn lift sagging skin. Courses of peels, enzyme facials, Collagen Induction Therapy and/or IPL resurfacing can achieve more significant results on wrinkles.

What we can’t do
In clinic we cannot remove deep furrows entirely. The best test is to stretch the skin out on either side and if you can still see the line it is what we consider a furrow. Also if there is prolapse of the fat pads and muscles which often occurs under the eyes on the cheeks this can only be resolved with surgery. You can tell a prolapse has occurred when there is a lot of weight in the sagging skin and significant loss of volume or ‘sunken in’ appearance under the eyes or on the cheeks.

With the use of a course of peels and/or microdermabrasion thickened skin can be well refined in clinic. You just need to be prepared to commit to a course of treatments and complete them in the recommended time. If you spread your treatments out too much the cuticle can build up again forcing you to start from scratch.

Pigment takes a full commitment to proper home care and in clinic treatments to shift. You will also have to discontinue any activities which are the presumed cause if you want to prevent it from returning, these can include sun bathing, being in the sun without sunscreen and hat and taking the contraceptive pill. 
Pigment can be treated with peels, needling, DMK enzymes and sometimes IPL (Note: Melasma should NEVER be treated with IPL, your therapist must be able to tell the difference) in conjunction with a full homecare prescription and great results can be achieved. Just be prepared to commit to twelve months of treatments for dramatic longer lasting results, though it is rarely possible to completely remove all pigment as this is an intrinsic dysfunction in the skin.

Acne can be treated with DMK enzymes, peels and IPL. Then once resolved the residual scarring can be treated with collagen induction therapy. Depending on the severity of the condition we ask for twelve months of adherence to home care and in clinic treatments. Note: We cannot perform any IPL, needling or peels on clients who are taking Roaccutane or similar.

The cause of this condition is still unknown which makes its treatment difficult. However we can calm the skin and improve function with specialised DMK enzyme and peel facials. Once the flare ups have been resolved there is often residual scarring which can be addressed with collagen induction therapy.

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Why do we need Essential Fatty Acids?

Essential nutrients are those which do not naturally occur in our bodies meaning we must source them from our diet or topical applications. There is a plethora of skin conditions which, if you break it down are caused by EFA deficiency simply because every action which occurs in our body is caused by enzymes and enzymes need EFA’S to function effectively. Essential fatty acids are also an essential nutrient required for healthy glowing youthful skin strong nails and shiny thick healthy hair.

For example part of our skins natural desquamation process includes enzymes dissolving some of our skin cells organelles so the cells can continue towards the surface where they will eventually shed off. An EFA or water deficiency inhibits the enzymes ability to function causing the unchanged cells to progress in clumps causing thickening, congestion and some legions.

Other ways EFA’S benefit the skin are:

  •  Supports skins barrier function preventing & minimising reactivity
  • Acts as an occlusive on the skin trapping in moisture and maintaining hydration
  • Regulates sebum texture, thus minimising breakouts, thickening, ingrown hairs etc
  • Keeps cell membranes permeable so active ingredients can penetrate and toxins can be expelled



The DMK concept of revising the skin: REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT and MAINTAIN, has won worldwide recognition and endorsement by the medical profession. Through its unique combination of state-of–the-art botanical science and innovative technology, DMK has created one of the most advanced skin care systems on the planet.

To add to this advance skin care program, DMK also offer EFA+, a unique blend of essential fatty acids.  With so many fish oil products on the market it can be difficult to identify a high quality product. DMK is a step ahead of many of its competitors in the way of harvesting and processing the ingredients.

DMK utilise specially selected and produced plants which are harvested when their beneficial elements are at their highest. This process is designed to keep the plant’s properties active. By using an advanced extraction method, DMK ensure the least structural damage is caused to the extracted oil without adding trace toxins. This means you get all the bioactive properties at their highest potency.

  • They contain omega 3, 6 7 and 9
  • It comes from Seabuckthorn, not farmed fish
  • The Seabuckthorn is sourced all the way from inner Mongolia where the plants are not farmed but grow wild meaning the nutrient quality is better
  • A CO2 extraction method is used that guarantees no heat in production, protecting potency (even cold pressing can cause heat due to the friction used)
  • You can be assured that the amount of omegas is sufficient to benefit the skin

Consult your doctor before using DMK efa+ if you are pregnant or nursing. Only use as directed. Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet. If symptoms persist please see your doctor. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask one of our friendly staff.