Hair Removal

Our professionally trained therapists are experienced in all areas of alkaline, IPL, sugaring, waxing and tinting and are very personal and discreet.

Alkaline hair removal  from $30 – $120 (depending on area)

DMK Alkaline is an exclusive dmk product that can remove hair on most parts of the body, but is commonly used on fine facial hair. The fine hair on the face is usually difficult to treat with electrolysis, laser or IPL. Alkaline wash has the advantage of removing large areas of hair in one treatment with little to no discomfort.

Alkaline wash is an alkaline powder that is mixed into a paste and applied directly to the desired area. Alkaline wash is not like a hair removal cream in that it has a much higher PH that will not only remove hair but also reduce the growth over time. 

IPL hair reduction

Ipl- Intensed Pulsed Light is the quickest and most convenient form of hair reduction ever invented. Experience pureskinclinic's ipulse, medical grade system. Using one of the most advanced devices on the market, the staff @ Pure Skin Clinic perform IPL treatments with the IPulse 2000+. IPL is an invaluble tool in any treatment for plan for not only hair reduction but for ageing, pigment, acne, vascular legions, enlarged pores and congestion. 

CONSULTATION  – $50                                                                                                      

All clients are required to have a consultation.  This includes expert skin and hair analysis, specialised treatment plan, professional product recommendation and ipl spot test treatment. Cost is redeemable on purchase of series of 6 treatments.  Different people have different skin colour, different hair colour and also different hair thickness.  As such, our trained therapists will assess your skin, colour of hair and thickness to see what appropriate settings are needed for your IPL treatment.  However, not everybody is suitable for IPL, which is why we perform a consultation.

What is IPL? 
IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. It is a light energy that is applied to certain parts of the body, so that hair or blood vessel in the skin – absorbs the energy and are destroyed.  IPL is not the same as laser, although it is similar. Laser produces light energy of only one wavelength. IPL uses white light which contains all the wavelengths of visible light from red to blue. However, to concentrate the treatments on different structures, filters are used to reduce certain wavelengths that are not needed.

The IPL machine produces a sudden burst of light. The hand-piece is held on the skin at the point where treatment is needed and light energy is transmitted to the skin. As this can get quite hot, our trained therapist uses a cooling gel on the skin. This is very soothing, helps cool the skin down, and also causes good contact for good light conduction.

This explains the Intense Light but not the "Pulsed".

When we are trying to destroy hair follicles, we want to heat the hair up as much as possible with the Intense Light, but do not want to damage the skin. Research has shown that, as the hair is darker, it holds onto the heat generated by the light energy longer than the skin does. Therefore, by giving five or so pulses of light in quick succession, each pulse lasting a fraction of a second heats the hair follicle up, along with the surrounding skin but, in the gap between the light pulses, the skin cools faster than the hair follicle. In this way, by using light pulses, more heat energy can be transmitted to the hair follicle, destroying it while reducing the heat damage to the surrounding skin. This makes IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) more effective and less risky.

Different people have different skin colour, different hair colour and also different hair thickness. As such, our trained therapists will assess your skin, colour of hair and thickness to see what appropriate settings are needed for your IPL treatment. However, not everybody is suitable for IPL which is why we perform a consultation.


Sugaring hair removal

Our most popular method of hair removal; Sugaring is when a lukewarm sugar paste is applied AGAINST the skin growth and removed WITH the natural hair growth. This ensures that the hair is taken from the follicle, therefore reducing the risk of breaking the air. With sugaring, hair grows back softer and smoother, breaks the skin more easily when growing back and will come in thinner and less coarse. Unlike waxing there is no chance of burning! Sugaring does not take live skin cells, only hair and  dead keratin (dead skin cells), leaving the skin exfoliated and ridiculously smooth.

Have you been 'Sugared' Yet?

The history of body sugaring dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Inspired by Alexander the Great, the women of Alexandria considered a hairless body to be the standard of beauty, youth and innocence.  Natural sugaring does not leave stubble like shaving, nor does it wound the skin like waxing can. With Sugaring, hair grows back softer and more smooth, breaks the skin more easily when growing back,  and will come in thinner and less coarse. You don’t have to commit to a series. you can take it part and parcel. It is recommended however, for thinning the regrowth to visit your beauty therapist every 3-4 weeks in the beginning, and then your visits will taper off. Unlike traditional waxing there is no chance of burning! Unlike waxing, sugaring does not take live skin cells, only hair and dead keratin (skin cells), leaving the skin exfoliated and ridiculously smooth!

Who wouldn't want to touch that skin?

Waxing hair removal

Waxing is a semipermanent treatment which removes the hair from the root. The effects last for between 2 to 6 weeks; depending on the individual. Warm wax is applied to the skin in a thin layer and the hair becomes embedded in the wax. Once the wax has set it is pulled away quickly, in the opposite direction of hair growth taking the unwanted hair with it. Pure Skin Clinic uses a gentle white xxx wax for all your sensitive waxing areas. Our professionally trained beauty therapists are experienced in all areas of waxing and are very discrete.  Our waxing procedures are approved by health and safety regulations and all of our waxes are tested and kept at the optimal heated temperatures to discourage bacteria growth.

IPL, sugaring & waxing can be used to treat the following areas;

TREATMENT IPL                    SUGARING WAXING          
Full leg & Brazilian $598                      $119                     N/A                 
3/4 Leg & Brazilian $488 $107.50 N/A
1/2 Leg & Brazilian $398 $92 N/A
Full Leg & G-String $538 $95.50 N/A
3/4 Leg & G-String $428 $83.50 N/A
1/2 Leg & G-String $338 $72 N/A
Full Leg & Bikini $498 $85.50 N/A
3/4 Leg & Bikini $388 $73.50 N/A
1/2 Leg & Bikini $298 $62 N/A
Full Leg $399 $63 N/A
3/4 Leg $289 $49.50 N/A
1/2 Leg (upper) $249 $36.50 N/A
1/2 Leg (lower) $199 $36.50 N/A
Back of Thighs $149 N/A N/A
Brazilian $199 $70 NA
G-String $139 $43 N/A
Bikini $99 $32 N/A
Full Arm $199 $42 N/A
1/2 Arm $139 $32 N/A
Underarm $69 $25 N/A
Eyebrow, Lip & Chin N/A $57 $45.50
Eyebrow & Lip N/A $39 $32
Lip & Chin $99 $36 $32
Eyebrow Sculpture N/A $22 $22
Sides of face $79 $22 $20
Chin $59 $18 $16
Nostril N/A $18 N/A
Lip $59 $18 $16
1/2 Chest $199 N/A N/A
Full Chest $349 $71.50 N/A
Shoulders $149 N/A N/A
Back & Shoulders $498 $71.50 N/A
Stomach or Base of Back            $18 N/A
Feet & Toes $59 $18 N/A
Patches $49 $18 N/A